Street light monitoring system

Mentors: Dr. Sasidhar Kalyan , Dr. K S Dasgupta

This system is to be implemented to reduce the manual and tedious effort of noting down which street lights don’t work in a region. It consists of a sensor mounted on each street light with a Wi-Fi module mounted on it which sends organized data to a local server. A light dependent resistance sensor is used to detect whether the street light is working or not & a Wi-Fi module(ESP8266) is used for the wireless transmission of data.

Pothole detection system

Mentors: Dr. Sasidhar Kalyan , Dr. R S Dasgupta

We’ve accepted potholes to be a part of our roads. This small inconvenience that we take for granted can lead to disasters. There are many potholes in our roads which need attention from the municipality. It is very hard to keep track of all potholes and where they’re found. This pothole detection system helps us easily detect potholes and inform the municipal corporation so that it can take further action. A Kinect sensor mounted on a vehicle is used to get the input using a Kinect adapter to connect it to a microcontroller like Arduino. A GPS module is used to keep track of the location of the pothole.

Home automation

Mentors: Dr. Sasidhar Kalyan

This project is aimed at creating a network that is capable of scheduling decisions on the output of several devices based on the input received by multiple sensors. The major decisions are made by a single microcontroller that is responsible for taking a congregated input of the sensors and sending it to a server where it is stored in a database. The system will give the user the freedom of controlling one of the many appliances connected in the network using a mobile app. Introducing the AI aspect of this system:After a while of training the system, the home automation system will learn the users’ lifestyle and manage its on and off period.

Accident detection notification system

Mentors: Dr. Rutu Parekh

This system aims at detecting an accident and making an entry in the database. After this, it also sends an SMS to the registered number and places a call. As we’ve incorporated a notification system, we will make use of firebase for the database. It will use sensors like an accelerometer, a GPS module, a camera and a GSM module, including a raspberry Pi to integrate all of these.

Air quality check using drone

Mentors: Dr. Rutu Parekh , Dr. Yash Agrawal

This system is aimed at deducing regions of high air pollutions. It will involve a drone with a GSM module and high speed Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to a RF module used to detect the potholes. A long lasting battery, flight controller and air quality sensor will also be mounted apart from a carbon fire chassis and GPS module, each of which do they’re intuitive functions as a part of the system. The data received as input will be processed after creating a visual map.